Congratulations and Thank You for Attending!

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and congratulations to all the keynote speakers, roundtable chair, presenters, and panel chairs for their participation and presentation in this conference. This event also would not have been possible without the generous support of many individuals and institutions: the Graduate Department of Art/Department of History of Art, Professor Elizabeth Legge, Professor Philip Sohm, Vicky Dingillo, Louise Kermode, Joanne Wainman, Nicholas Westbridge, the Jackman Humanities Institute (Monica Toffoli), Hart House (Aron Mohr), Victoria College (Devonnia Miller), Harvest Kitchen, Duke of York, and Alhelí Pimienta. We would also like to acknowledge our team of volunteers (Rachel Dewan, Emily Doucet, Claire Jensen, Shaun Midanik, and Natalka Sharman) and conference attendees who have helped make this conference a truly memorable event. Please excuse us for any names inadvertently omitted. We hope this to be an enriching and stimulating experience and platform for further discussion. We wish everyone safe travels home!


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